Find the Right Oven for Your Kitchen

Need a new stove or oven? Before you head out to shop for your new appliance, consider what you really want in your kitchen, and which styles and types best suit your distinct household.

Some things to keep in mind when choosing your new oven include:

Your lifestyle. Don't think of shopping for a stove in terms of replacing your appliance; think of it as an opportunity to enhance daily living. Tired of leaning over to check things in the oven? Check out wall ovens, if you have the space. Got kids in the home? Consider cook-tops to make life easier and to provide a safer, cool surface that is kid-friendly.

The space. Make sure to measure the space that you have available before shopping for stoves or ranges. This includes assessing the interior to ensure it has enough room for baking, crockery, and your menus before it comes into your home.

Your power-source. Will you be buying an electric or gas stove? It makes a big difference when it comes time to buy your new appliance. You may find a wider array of options when looking at electric stoves, and the price is typically cheaper. Gas stoves, however, can save you money in the long-run in energy costs.

The budget. The more features, the higher the cost of the stove. For instance, double-ovens, convection, and cleaning options will run the price up of your new appliance. As a guide, a basic electric stove usually runs several hundred dollars.

Buying a new stove or oven gives you the chance to upgrade and make everyday life a bit more convenient. Consider these points when shopping, and make sure to visit appliance stores with accurate measurements, a list of must-have features, and a specific budget to get the most for your money.