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Bring the sights, sounds and excitement of your favorite movies to life when you have the right home theater system.

With features like surround sound, whole house audio and video, and a dedicated home theater room, re-create a commercial cinema in the comfort of your own home. Today it’s all about surround sound and how your audio systems interact with your TV and DVD player to get that movie theater “feel.” A whole house audio or video system allows you to control your music and movies from one location, yet you can play them in multiple rooms throughout the home.

surround sound

Surround Sound

Having surround sound integrated into your home theater system will leave you feeling like you’re sitting in the movie theater with the sound literally and sometimes physically, surrounding you. The receiver in your home theater system decodes various surround formats including: Dolby® Digital, DTS® and THX Surround EX. This allows you to hear every explosion, car crash and scream in full cinematic sound. If you are a music fan, experience every powerful note as if it were being played live when you listen to your favorite CD, MP3 player or satellite radio.

Dedicated Home Theater

Dedicated Home Theater

The must have for today’s home entertainment enthusiast is a dedicated home theater room. Our staff can assist in the design of your home theater with features like: surround sound, movie screen, film projector, acoustic panels and yes, even home theater seating to take in all the excitement. When designing a dedicated home theater, the main concern is creating an ideal environment for sight and sound. We’ll address proper acoustics, screen position, projection, speakers and furniture to achieve superior results. Now, what are you waiting for?

theater seating

Home Theater Seating

Putting together your dedicated home theater room isn’t just about the audio and video components; it’s also about the seating. You want to enjoy the BIG GAME and your top 5 movies in plush comfort and style! There are many options out there, from individual recliners to grouped seating, for true cinema look and feel from trusted brands. Some home theater seating sports the following features: power recline, lighted cup holders and built-in vibrating effects that let you actually “feel” the action as it happens on the screen. Now THAT’S entertainment!